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  • Lady Spartans Fall to Granby Rams in Western Mass

  • Swim Team Finds Success at States

  • Pres. to Hold A Joint Senate Meeting Today

There and Back Again, Again and Again: The Hobbit – a book you will want to experience more than once

Chenoe Renner, Maroon Tribune Reporter

January 12

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

A tale of exhilarating adventure and courage, There and Back Again or the books abbreviated title The Hobbit written by J.R.R Tolkien (predecessor to the Lord Of the Rings trilogy), is a classic children’s novel about Bilbo Baggins,...

iPad Mini: Unleashed

John Humes, Maroon Tribune Reporter

December 19

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Apple’s newest product the iPad Mini has been announced and released. On October 23, 2012 in California, hundreds of Apple lovers from around the world gathered for yet another infamous keynote address, announcing the news...

Welcoming the Winter with Style: This Season’s Top Five Trends

Shea Caligari, columnist

November 7

Filed under Fashion, What's The Word? The Maroon Tribune's Premiere Entertainment Column

It’s a well-known fact that Monument students are a trendy bunch with unique spins on all of the classic styles. However, there is always room for some suggestions. After thorough research, I have spotted the five top trend...

Dubstep: A Trending Brand of Music

Shea Caligari, columnist

October 31

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Music, What's The Word? The Maroon Tribune's Premiere Entertainment Column

In a world of entertainment, one of the most trendy types of music today has become dubstep. This music has been defined as a genre of electronic dance music. Its overall sound includes heavy bass with samples, synthesizers, keyboard,...

“The Avengers” Movie Review

Benne Perkins

June 11

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Marvel’s The Avengers is a culmination of the previous five movies released by the now Disney-owned Marvel Comics. The feature includes the starring characters from Iron Man I & II, Thor, Captain America, and The Incred...

Spring Fashion with Ruby Francisco

Molly Tourville, Maroon Tribune Reporter

March 26

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Fashion

Spring is in the air! That means it’s time to break out those spring and summer clothes. The new trends this year seem to be rolled up shorts, flowy shirts, and printed pastel colored shirts with gladiator sandals. Ruby Francisco,...

Bring On the Love and Party Rockin’: Get Ready for Monument’s All Shook Up

Yessenia Rosales, Maroon Tribune Reporter

March 26

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Are you ready to shake your tail feathers? Are you ready to sing along? And most importantly, are you ready to face the love? Well the time has finally come. Over the past years the spring musical has always been one of the most...

All Shook Up: Ready to Rock It Out!

Jolyn Unruh, Press Release

March 22

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Monument Mountain Regional High School is rockin' & rollin' Elvis-style in their Spring Musical production of All Shook Up! Running March 29 through April 1 (c'mon out & dance, all you April Fools!), this tip-of-the-hat to the s...

In Fine Fashion: What’s in, What’s Hot, and What’s Not!

Nicole Andrus, MaroonTribune Reporter

March 8

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Fashion

Spring is here and you may find some old styles being brought back again from the distant past. Styles making a return to vogue are floral, neon, sequins, prints, and color blocking. These old/new styles are so hot that many will...

Shockingly…Irritating: Carrie Fisher’s Shockaholic Gets Two Thumbs Down

Jackson Teeley, McKenna Powell, and Corey Potter, Maroon Tribune Contributing Writers

January 28

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Opinion, Reviews

If you are one of those people that most all of us know and might even be friends with who craves drama, dishing, and almost anything else you might find in a twelve year olds diary, Shockaholic is the book for you! Full of everything...

Blood, Bones, and Butter: One Woman’s Life Experiences in the World of Cooking

Hannah Heath, Maroon Tribune Rerporter

January 25

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Opinion, Reviews

Now, I’m one of those ambitious people who, when looking through a cookbook at the store says, “I’m going to go home and make that!” Now, I’d like to say that nine out of ten times I do go home and cook but, in reality,...

It’s Now Or Never: Robert Adler Takes The Stage!

Jackson Teeley

January 23

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Theater

If you have ever attended the musical here at Monument Mountain over the last three or four years, one face should stand out as a constant presence. Mr. Robert Adler, long time stage manager and hard core techie has always been...

Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain
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