Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain

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  • Lady Spartans Fall to Granby Rams in Western Mass

  • Swim Team Finds Success at States

  • Pres. to Hold A Joint Senate Meeting Today

Tom Wool: From Flunking out of Art School to Working for Italian Vogue

Sydney Keyes, Maroon Tribune Reporter

March 29

Filed under Features

Having briefly met Tom Wool once before, I sit down to wait for him to arrive for the interview and I try to stir up some images of what he looks like. I know he most likely will not recognize me, a onetime face in a crowd watching...

Stories From the Desert: The tales that are never told, but should be

Casey Flach, Maroon Tribune Reporter

March 29

Filed under Features

My eye catches a tall figure striding past the open door of my dad’s office, where I am waiting. His hair is blond, cut short and he is dressed in the pixelated army uniform like the one my dad puts on every day before work....

‘It’s Good to Be Different’: A special 13 year connection between Robert Warner and Mrs. Barbara Teggi

Hannah Rolf

March 20

Filed under Features, Monument News

How it began   In May of 2000 Mrs. Barbara Teggi landed a job assisting Robert Warner - a four year old autistic boy - that has now developed into a 13 year relationship as Robert is currently a senior at Monument Mounta...

Job Happy: Five choices for your future profession

Althea Garivaltis, Reporter

February 26

Filed under Berkshires & Beyond, Features

It’s finally that time of year where the seniors send in their college applications and begin to hear back from the schools to which they have applied. I find myself in the mix with many other seniors who have no idea of what...

The Gamification of Health: How quantifying yourself and gamifiying your life can help you become a more motivated person

Graham Hagenah, Maroon Tribune Reporter

June 14

Filed under Features, Top Stories

        Margot Hutchings, a resident of New York City and event manager for Time Inc., is not only a human being; she’s also a number.  More appropriately, several numbers.  Intangible and mercurial - yet incredibly signif...

She’s Got The Spirit!: The fun, sensitive and quirky qualities of Alison Quiñones

Anna Campetti, Reporter

May 14

Filed under Features, Monument News

When some high school graduates describe their past teachers, they may describe them as boring, dull or impossible to relate to. Alison Quiñones, on the other hand, makes an effort to challenge this stereotype. The quirk...

Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain