Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain

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  • Lady Spartans Fall to Granby Rams in Western Mass

  • Swim Team Finds Success at States

  • Pres. to Hold A Joint Senate Meeting Today

Boo, I Guess: The Indifference of Hollywood Horror and How it Got That Way

Paul Lilienthal, Maroon Tribune Reporter

December 10, 2011

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Editorials

It’s no secret that the horror genre has been stagnant for quite a while now. Remake after remake hit theaters and whenever a somewhat original idea hits the theaters, sequels immediately flurry with an intensity not seen since...

Covering Up the Truth: Stop The Censorship of Violence in the Media

David Rota, Contributing Writer

December 9, 2011

Filed under Editorials, Monument News, Opinion

Too many people are overreacting about violence in the media these days. I really don’t think teenagers should be “protected” from it, because at this point the damage has already been done. Teenagers are exposed to violence...

How Much is “Too Much”?

Dominic Roy, Maroon Tribune Contributer

November 29, 2011

Filed under Editorials, Opinion, Top Stories

Material goods and unnecessary comforts are two very big parts of American society. But the question is, is there something wrong with these? Should we be ashamed of our connection with materialism? I believe that to have these...

The Differences Between Monument and PHS

Emily Condry, Maroon Tribune Reporter

July 27, 2011

Filed under Editorials, Opinion

As a lot of people know, I am new to Monument this year and I used to go to PHS. Monument and PHS are two very different schools and this article is about how I feel  about the transition from PHS to Monument. PHS is a four-floored...

Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain