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  • Lady Spartans Fall to Granby Rams in Western Mass

  • Swim Team Finds Success at States

  • Pres. to Hold A Joint Senate Meeting Today

Enigmatic Canadian Artist, Lewis, Saved From Oblivion By Enthusiastic Vinyl Heads: Is the album as good as the hype?

Quinn Abrams, Reporter

June 2

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Canada – When John Murphy, a Victoria-based record collector, picked up an album called L’Amour at a flea market for a dollar, he never expected it to be proclaimed “the best album of 2014 that came out 31 years ago,” by the...

The Disparity Gap In Public Education

Christopher Clayton Tufts, Reporter

May 19

Filed under Berkshires & Beyond, Opinion

  The Disparity Gap In Public Education   Does The Level Of A Parents Education Affect Their Children’s Academic Performance?     By: Christopher Clayton Tufts   Public School...

Toms: More Than Just Sensible Shoes: Providing quality footwear for you and aid for those in need

Brittany Walsh, Reporter

May 13

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Spring has finally sprung in the Berkshires!   Once again, the trees are budding, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming.  The signs of spring are ubiquitous.  For me, one of the signs that spring has arrived...

Google Debuts Free Mindfulness Training For Over Stressed Employees: The Maroon Tribune puts Silicon Valley’s latest fad to the test – could students benefit from a similar program?

Quinn Abrams, Reporter

May 8

Filed under Opinion

Big Silicon Valley companies already know that employees are happier and more productive when their bodies are healthy – many companies feature onsite gyms, organic meal plans, and even subsidized massages – but Google thinks...

The Real Awards of the NBA: The MVP, Best Hair, Best Individual Performance and Best Beard of the 2014-15 season are reviewed.

Julien McKee, Entertainment Editor

May 8

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The Real Awards of the NBA: The MVP, best hair, best individual performance, and more of the 2014-15 season are reviewed and revealed by Julien McKee Every spring, the NBA gives out awards to various players in the league....

Prom Savings: College Tuition: $20,000, college books: $1,000, room and board: $11,000, prom: $1,000?

Alexandra Glass

May 7

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Since when did spending hundreds of dollars on a prom dress become a required expense for high school girls? With college tuition hanging over all of our heads, spending money on a dress (one we may never wear again) seems like...

Is Junior Year Really the Hardest Year?; The hardest year for high school students might just be due to the classes they take and the homework they receive.

Becca Houle, Reporter

April 10

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When entering high school, everyone tells you that junior year will be the hardest. Though is this true? What would make it the hardest? Some might say it is due to the classes you take. If it is really due to homework, do teache...

Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain