Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain

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  • Lady Spartans Fall to Granby Rams in Western Mass

  • Swim Team Finds Success at States

  • Pres. to Hold A Joint Senate Meeting Today

Glory and Change

Owen McCarter, Maroon Tribune Reporter

February 28

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Monument Mountain Regional High school stands out as a pinnacle of education in the Berkshires. The school has achieved considerable respect in academic prowess and has developed a formidable athletic renown over the years. If you w...

Senioritis Hits Hard

April 8

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Once a student gets to their final year of high school they are inevitably subject to an awful disease called “senioritis.” No one really knows why this phenomenon of sickness occurs but some have connected it to “straig...

Monument Teachers Follow NRA Guidelines: Packing Heat

Kelsey Marzotto, Reporter

February 7

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You may have noticed a strange shift as you stepped into your classrooms last Monday. Whether it was a glittery shine from the hip, the unreasonably large ankles or the increased bravado of your homeroom teachers, something was...

FUI For Santa Clause

Catie Damon

January 1

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Christmas Eve: Everyone’s favorite holiday hero, Santa Clause, was coaxed down from the sky over a small Minnesota town just hours ago after a report of operating his sleigh while intoxicated.  A local source cited that while...

Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain
The Turnip