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  • Lady Spartans Fall to Granby Rams in Western Mass

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Spartan Style Watch: Looks of the Month

Catie Damon

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Not much news this month, Monument style-seekers, only that I feel as though every time I go outside, the temperature has dropped at least 5 degrees.  So I’m excited to see the outfits of the coming weeks, because students will be continually bundling up: adding scarves, high socks, headbands, and all sorts of fun, wintery accessories.  But now, on with this month’s Spartan Stars!

Curtis Kelley: I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but Curtis is basically the King of Comfortable.  I see him B period in math class, and he’s always smiling, breakfast-in-hand, looking sort of like he just rolled out of bed; but somehow, he’s still stylish.  No matter what he’s wearing, whether it be tie-dyed jeans or flannel PJ pants, he always makes the outfit work in its own funky way.  The look Curtis sported today is a perfect example of the laid-back, contented style which matches his demeanor to a tee.  From head (a navy beanie) to toe (blue plaid docksiders), and everywhere in between (striped crew neck under maroon zip-up hoody under army green, fur-lined jacket), Mr. Kelley looks cozy and happy while remaining cooly aware that he’s dressed pretty snazzy.

Annalena Barrett: What was apparently created from a shortage of clean clothes has turned into quite a chic, understated outfit for Annalena.  You can probably tell by now that I’m really into neutral looks, this being an exceptional one.  Black in three places: cashmere tee, tights, and incorporated in the printed dress. I also really like that the tee is layered over a dress that’s impersonating a flared skirt (the pop of color from the pattern on it brings some excitement to the neutrality of the rest of the outfit).  And to boot, (no pun intended), nearly-knee-high Fryes in a dark mahogany and simple drop earrings quietly dress up the look.  What a cutie!

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Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain
Spartan Style Watch: Looks of the Month