Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain

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Spartan Style Watch: Looks of the Week

Catie Damon, Maroon Tribune Reporter

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Happy New Year, fashion readers!  I hope you all had a great break, did some fun stuff, and got some good presents.  Speaking of which: one of the best things about coming back to school after the holidays (although I can’t say there are too many good things about that…) is seeing everyone rocking their new Christmas/Hanukkah/what-have-you threads.  I can definitely see the change in people when they’re wearing sweet new clothes: just a little boost of confidence, they know they’re lookin’ alright.  These two Monument kids had a good amount of swag going on in the outfits they were selected for.

Sam Kronen: Otherwise known as the King of Hyphy, or at least in this outfit he is.  Even in sweatpants, Sam still pulls the look off; although he can pull off pretty much anything…if you’ve seen his recent hairstyles you’ll know what I mean.  Highlights of his ensemble are a pair of masculine duck boots, a fully buttoned flannel with a good color scheme, and a beer-bottle-cap necklace.  I first noticed Sam’s outfit in our math class, and at the time his flannel was unbuttoned, revealing one of his iconic and slightly (but delightfully) tacky animal tees, as well as a blue and white Jus Liv flat brim.  Tight!

Shea Caligari: So I must admit, I actually took this picture before the holiday break; I just liked it so much, and it was so wintery and cute that I couldn’t resist.  So now, here it is in this week’s Style Watch.  It’s widely known that Shea is nice, funny, and adorable; now added to her repertoire is being stylish!  What attracted me to this outfit immediately was the sweater.  The photo doesn’t do the colors in the sweater justice. In person it is thin-knit and white with varying shades of blue, fading seamlessly in and out of each other.  It’s icy-looking and feminine; an artful piece.  Additionally, it has been smartly paired with simple, dark wash skinny jeans and one…tall, chestnut-colored boot.  But Shea, I think your broken-toe-bootie is a really cute accessory, don’t worry!


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Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain
Spartan Style Watch: Looks of the Week