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In Fine Fashion: What’s in, What’s Hot, and What’s Not!

Nicole Andrus, MaroonTribune Reporter

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Spring is here and you may find some old styles being brought back again from the distant past. Styles making a return to vogue are floral, neon, sequins, prints, and color blocking. These old/new styles are so hot that many will roll over to the summer.

Color blocking is good for everything. It’s colorful, obviously, but it’s also very fun. To color block you usually use about three colors. You don’t want to have too many colors because that would create a rainbow effect – not good. But the bright colors you choose can make it cheerful for both spring and summer.

Prints have become extreme! They are no longer small and unnoticeable but stand out and are wonderfully vibrant. Fashion designers are combining different prints to create wearable art. That’s right! Wearable art.

Winter brought back the amazing effect of neon so if you want to stand out in the crowds this spring, wear more neon. Neon looks great with white and black which it creates a smart casual look.

Sequins are classy as well as casual – a show-stopping look. Sequins look good on many people because they compliment their personality.

Floral reflects the meaning of spring. What better way to embrace spring than to wear floral prints that embody the season itself? From winter there was knitwear silk and leather, designers combined these looks to make almost like a 40’s effect. Miniskirts used to be a teenager’s best friend, but this year the girls were craving a new look – longer skirts.

Until Next time! For In Fine Fashion, I’m Nicole Andrus.

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Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain
In Fine Fashion: What’s in, What’s Hot, and What’s Not!