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Surf Sounds

Ryan Higgins

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Surf is the debut album of The Social Experiment, a music collective that includes Donnie Trumpet, Chance The Rapper, Peter Cottontale, Greg Landfair Jr. and Nate Fox. The notable features on the LP include J. Cole, D.R.A.M., YG, Big Sean, Quavo, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, and Jeremih. Surf is a mix of indie, hip-hop, funk, rock, gospel, R&B, big band and spoken word.

The tracklist for Surf, as seen on iTunes (above), does not list the features on each song. This could have been done with the intention of emphasizing the fact that the album was a collaboration of many artists. Or it could have been done to let the listeners have an honest listen to the album, without being prejudice about the features on the album. And just listening to the pure combination of the different artists creating an overall sound and vibe.

The features for Surf were not used to the full potential. Considering all of the features, some of them made very small cameos on songs. For example Erykah Badu comes in on the end of the track “Rememory” for less than 30 seconds. As well, J. Cole and Big Sean come in on “Warm Enough” and “Wanna Be Cool” but only for short verses. The album uses these features on a few of the 16 songs, and the features seemed to not always fit into the song. Big Sean seems out of place on the song “Wanna Be Cool” and it seems that Erykah Badu was just added to the finished song “Rememory”. There is a variety of features however from Erykah Badu to Quavo from Migos.

The flow of the tracks starts out with the mellow track “Miracle” with light vocals and rapping by Chance The Rapper. The next song “Slip Slide” is a more energetic upbeat song with the trumpet baseline and chorus paralleling. “Warm Enough” is a song about self esteem essentially and relationships. “Nothing Came To Me” is an instrumental song with a sporadic sounding trumpet solo throughout it, it serves as an interlude in a way. “Wanna Be Cool” is also about self esteem. “Windows” is a slow melodic song with just Chance The Rapper singing. “Caretaker” is sung softly by D.R.A.M. . “Just Wait” is instrumental till towards the end, the trumpets in it sound like whales. “Familiar” is about women, with a singing chorus and YG and Quavo rapping on it. “SmthnthtIwnt” has a odd beat with spoken word/rapping with bursts of the trumpet. “Go” is just awful the only good part about it is the guitar and bass in the beginning. “Questions” repeats the word “why” a lot but has a cool beat. “Something Came To Me” is the follow up of nothing came to me it is still Donnie Trumpet on the trumpet. “Rememory” has spoken word over trumpet and constant piano in the background. “Sunday Candy” has singing and a combination of piano, clapping, singing about sundays with someone who is your sunday candy. “Pass the Vibes” is the last track and has a beach vibe which ends the album well.

Favorite Tracks: “Warm Enough”, “Familiar”, “Caretaker”, “Rememory”, “Sunday Candy” and Pass the Vibes”

Surf is available on iTunes for free, it is The Social Experiment’s debut album. The album is a collaboration of many artists, that forms a wave flowing from song to song. The genre of this album all together could be considered “beach music”. Surf touches on many feels and philosophies, but in all, is about the power of collaboration amongst various genres and a diversity of artists.

1. Miracle

2. Slip Slide
3. Warm Enough
4. Nothing Came to Me
5. Wanna Be Cool
6. Windows
7. Caretaker
8. Just Wait
9. Familiar
10. Smthnthtlwnt
11. Go
12. Questions
13. Something Came to Me
14. Rememory
15. Sunday Candy
16. Pass the Vibes


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Surf Sounds