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Monument takes on the Big Apple

16 students head to New York for annual trip

Emma Wilber, Maroon Tribune Reporter

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With senior year winding down many seniors are anxious to leave, but there are still a few activities bound to happen that keep them interested. On May 3rd, about 15 seniors from Monument and some seniors from Lee headed to New York City on the Jaffe trip. Twice each year a Jaffe trip is held. The Jaffe trip takes around 40 seniors total to the City to see a Broadway play, stroll around the Met, out to eat, and if time permits they are able to walk around the streets of the City for a little bit.

Lola Jaffe has been taking high school students to New York City for about 20 years now. Lola’s mother was a lover of the arts and wanted students who would not necessarily have the ability to see the arts to go and experience them. When Lola’s mother passed away she left a fund which provided a wonderful opportunity for students to go and appreciate the arts.

The students went the the Metropolitan Museum where they had two hours to stroll the museum at their own pleasure and appreciate the arts. Yasamin Moeini, a senior from Monument stated, “It was really awesome. It’s one of my favorite places ever and I love exploring museums and looking at art. My favorite part was Van Gogh’s self portrait. I was feeling blessed that we could just stroll around.” After the Met they made their way to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a restaurant where Broadway hopefuls work while hoping to be discovered. At the diner the waitresses and waiters sing, dance and perform for the people eating. “That by far was my favorite part,” senior Micaela Bartlett said, “They were all amazing singers and it made it into an extremely fun environment to be in.”

Students saw the Broadway play Groundhog Day which has been nominated for seven Tony awards. This play is is about a weatherman who is not a very nice person. He is doing a report on Groundhog Day and he gets trapped in that day. He has to figure out what he is doing wrong and try to become a nicer person or else he will be stuck in that day forever. The students who went on the Jaffe trip had amazing seats, and some of the students were even in the second row. Crista Cardillo said, “I am so happy I was able to go on this trip, it’s something that I would never of had the experience to do before and I’ll never forget it.”

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Monument takes on the Big Apple