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Welcoming the Winter with Style: This Season’s Top Five Trends

Shea Caligari, columnist

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It’s a well-known fact that Monument students are a trendy bunch with unique spins on all of the classic styles. However, there is always room for some suggestions. After thorough research, I have spotted the five top trends for this winter. Some of these new fads go for the comfy cozy look necessary for the cold weather, and some veer towards edgier styles. Here is an inside look:

 1. Leather lovers: typically when we hear leather, they assume you’re talking jackets REPHRASE WITH WE, whether it’s motorcycle or bomber style. But this season, leather leggings and pants are all the rage. Don’t get discouraged by thinking you need to go 80’s rock and roll with the look. The leather pants are meant to look sleek and chic, not like Mick Jagger.


2. Animal fever: cheetah has always dominated the animal print scene, but this year, zebra is making a stand. Cardigans and sweaters with the classic black white stripes can be girly or edgy, depending on how you style the outfit.


3. Go soft with velvet: the obsession with velvet is all about the texture. It’s soft and simple, and looks best in warm shades like deep reds and blues; perfect for the winter! Conveniently, a velvet top could be paired with those leather leggings. Get ready for a whole new wardrobe.


4. Pick paisley: my personal favorite of the winter trends is the paisley pRint. Designer Vera Bradley mastered the patterns in her line of designer bags. I envision this print ideally for scarves, and if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even paisley printed pants!


5. Puff up your get-up: out of all the trends, this is most keen to keep you warm this season. The classic puffer jacket is back. The key to pulling off this style is not going overboard with the “puff” factor. The jacket should be form fitting so you don’t end up looking two sizes bigger than normal. A fur-trimmed hood is a sure way to spice up this garment.


While I have confidence in all the stylish students of Monument, these fashionable prints, textures, and garments are sure to spice up your attire. Be adventurous – mix and match these options. The best part of an outfit is testing out new looks, so get started by trying these winter trends!

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Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain
Welcoming the Winter with Style: This Season’s Top Five Trends