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S’now Problem: 12 Ways to Make the Most of this Early Snow

Annalena Barrett, Maroon Tribune Reporter

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The recent snowstorm has really brought out the worst in some people. On that fateful Saturday when the snow hit, those lucky enough to have power decided to blow up Facebook with statuses expressing their disdain for the fluffy stuff (with the exception of a few avid skiers), as if the snow had come just for them with the intention of ruining their Saturday night plans and making them go through the agony of breaking out their down comforters and fleece blankets. Now I feel it is my duty to inform the public on ways to make the most of this record breaking early snow. If you heed these twelve tips, you should make it to spring, happy and healthy as ever.

  1. Put some pep in your step with snowshoes. They are a wonderful way to take a walk in the woods without sinking in up to your knees.
  2. Be bold in the cold with bright colored hats and scarves. Everyone knows winter is one of the most fashionable seasons. Come on, you can’t deny that everyone looks better in snow pants.
  3. Hit the slopes! Take up skiing or snowboarding and get a monument student to show you the ropes.
  4. Embrace your inner child. You are never too old for snow angels or snowball fights.
  5. Start with some art. Whether you are a traditional snowman kind of person or a regular Michael Angelo (snow version), get out there and create some sculpture.
  6. Get hot and hydrated. Use the cold as a motivation to stay hydrated with some warming tea. Admit it, you don’t drink nearly as much water as you should.
  7. Don’t be sassy, just get crafty! Winter is a great time to pick up scrap booking or knitting.
  8. Calling all boy scouts: let the cold weather bring out your competitive edge with fastest fire building competitions.
  9. Got a need for speed? Monument’s front hill is the best place around to go sledding, so don’t miss out.
  10. Eating yellow snow is not a great idea, but eating brown snow might be the best one you’ve ever had. You heard me, scoop some fresh snow into a cup and drizzle maple syrup on it. When it has turned a delightful brown color dig in and taste the goodness that is maple-snow.
  11. Feeling sentimental about the snowfall? It is hard not to notice how beautiful winter is, what a great setting for writing poetry. Pick up that pen and hop to it! When you have written something of substance, you might even want to send it to the Maroon Tribune.
  12. Build your blubber. Feeling bad about how many cookies you have eaten today? Justify it with the knowledge that you are going to need a little extra fat to stay insulated this winter!
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