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How to Successfully Kill a Stinkbug

Meagan Nejaime, Maroon Tribune Reporter

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We’ve all been terrorized by their ugly appearance and have instantly regretted our decision to kill them once we smell their vile stink. However, with this step-by-step tutorial, you can conquer the hated stinkbugs and never again be forced to smell their disgusting odor.

The stinkbug, scientifically identified as the “brown marmorated stinkbug”, is native to China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. However, in 1998, the agricultural pest was accidentally introduced to the United States, and they have been present in our homes ever since. The stinkbug, stretching approximately 1.7 centimeters long, can also be referred to as a “shield bug” because of its trapezoidal appearance that reflects the shape of a shield. Stinkbugs are usually gray, black, or copper.  Some, however, have been spotted with shades of blue in their protective shield. They are seen mostly in fall and sometimes during spring and summertime because stinkbugs hibernate in the winter.

For those who are unaware of its ability, the stinkbug is a triple threat because it can run, jump, and stink (really badly!). While this may seem intimidating, they are incredibly slow, so it’s a safe bet that you can outrun the pest if need be.

When you spot a stinkbug, it’s crucial that you stay calm. The first step is to find the nearest tissue. One tissue would probably suffice, but three ensures that you won’t be able to feel the stinkbug through the material. Next, you must use the tissue to gently grab the stinkbug, making sure to leave space inside so you don’t crush the pest. Once the stinkbug is secure in the tissue, run as fast as you possibly can to the nearest bathroom and immediately flush it down the toilet. As soon as the tissue hits the water, slam the toilet seat down so none of the bug’s stink escapes from the toilet. You could probably just close the toilet seat, but slamming it always gives me a greater sense of accomplishment.

Now that you have the information needed to successfully kill a stinkbug, they will never again be terrorists in your lives. Sure, they still look creepy and can catch you by surprise when they’re lurking on your bedroom wall, but you’ll know how to take care of them, stink free.

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