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Beyond Bullies

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The Maroon Tribune was recently contacted by the Beyond Bullies program. This program is meant to help teenagers who are being bullied and cyber bullied nationwide find relief from their isolation, depression, and self-defeating behaviors by having peer mentors online who they can confidentiality chat with, communicate with via online discussion boards, and share their story. The following is an excerpt from the email we received.

“Bullying is a persistent problem in American schools, one that places many students in physical and emotional danger and negatively affects students’ perceptions of school, and how they feel about themselves.  Educator’s in many schools struggle to find solutions for behavior commonly dismissed as “kids being kids.”   

Studies show that teens feel more comfortable talking to a peer about their personal problems.  Peer programs have tremendous sway over behavior and attitudes of their members.  Beyond Bullies provides the first online real-time help for targets of bullying.  The online program will help students by providing peer mentors who will read what they are going through and point them to resources that will help guide them both emotionally and academically.”

Please visit their website ( or their Facebook page ( for more information and support. If you have any questions about the Beyond Bullies Program or the Active Bystander program, please contact Melissa Sherman, Executive Director:

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