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June 5, 2013

The Beauty of the Berkshires: My favorite places and features

Sarah Benedict, Reporter

May 16, 2013

Filed under Berkshires & Beyond

The Berkshires have been a part of my family for 300 years, and a part of mine for 17. A lot of people that grow up in the Berkshires say they can’t wait to leave, but for me it’s the opposite. I would love to travel to other...

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Mammoth? Scientists discover it’s possible to bring extinct species back to life, but should they?

Ciana Barnaba, Reporter

April 30, 2013

Filed under Berkshires & Beyond, Top Stories

It would be amazing to see woolly mammoths roam the Russian tundra, or the saber-toothed cat on the prowl once again. The technology to make this happen is available to scientists today, but not completely ready. According to...

Job Happy: Five choices for your future profession

Althea Garivaltis, Reporter

February 26, 2013

Filed under Berkshires & Beyond, Features

It’s finally that time of year where the seniors send in their college applications and begin to hear back from the schools to which they have applied. I find myself in the mix with many other seniors who have no idea of what...

Berkshire Bike N Fly: More than just a ride

Sarah Benedict, Reporter

February 26, 2013

Filed under Berkshires & Beyond, Uncategorized

The Great Barrington annual "Fly In" has only been going on for two years now. The event consists of a variety of planes on display and flying over the airport, hot air balloon rides, raffles for flight lessons and other raffl...

Rincón Español: El Cuento Horrífico De Una Niña Inocente

Olivia Stein, Periodista

February 8, 2013

Filed under Berkshires & Beyond

Resumen Hay una niña quien tiene 11 años, se llama Belén, y fue violada sexualmente por su padrastro de 32 años durante las ultimas dos años. Ahora ella está embarazada, y durante los últimos 24 años—fue una decisión...

We Will All Embrace Nature: On June 8th, Local Food Day brings natural school lunches

Graham Hagenah, Reporter

June 4, 2012

Filed under Local News, Monument News, Top Stories

On June 8th, Project Sprout is hosting Monument Mountain’s first annual Local Food Day, which will celebrate the importance of organic produce, as well as satiate students' hunger for wholesome, palatable school lunches.  “...

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