Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain

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A Space for Creation

Keegan Wellauer, Maroon Tribune Reporter

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Before moving to the H-wing at the beginning of the second semester, the Makerspace was a small room off of the library where students could pursue individual projects spanning a variety of interests. Crammed within the small four walls were hand tools, posters, computers, and even a small makeshift garden. Now with a much bigger room and more space for storage, the Makerspace has become a productive and organized operation where six students who are in an independent study can work on projects approved by Mr. Roy.

Currently, students are working on projects such as a small indoor garden where they are developing a system in which the garden will automatically water itself over time. “What they are doing is trying to make a pump for gravity to water the garden automatically” said Teaching Assistant Jared Gerard. On top of that students are building a computer from scratch and parts bought online. “They’re also working on an arc welder to help quickly weld. Someone is always busy in this room” Gerard said as he was working on the arc welder himself. If interested, the makerspace has a wide variety of hand tools, multiple computers, and of course, the resource of other students and advisors who have a vast amount of knowledge.

Makerspace is only available to enroll in via an independent study application. To apply, obtain an application from the guidance office and meet with Mr. Roy. Makerspace runs all eight periods in Room H-04A.

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Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain