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Civics’ Students Mock Accident Rescheduled

What forced cancellation?

Ana Lucia Bloom, Maroon Tribune Reporter

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With prom and graduation right around the corner, seniors and juniors at Monument are being reminded of the dangers of drinking and driving. However, this year the administration and faculty were taking a more dramatic approach. Unfortunately, the night before the “accident” was supposed to occur the local emergency response team was needed for a search and rescue. With no time to prepare for the event and all the emergency personal unavailable, the accident had to be cancelled.

This year, Mrs. Holly Troiano’s civics class– with help from alumni AJ Anderson– was scheduled to hold a mock accident on Friday, May 12th. Each year, the civics class creates a documentary on a student-selected topic. This year many different topics were presented, but the issue that caught the attention of students was drunk driving. Jason Hall, a junior at Monument Mountain, had a strong connection with alumnus Garrett Norton who died in an accident involving drunk driving in 2015. It was this connection which inspired Hall to bring the topic to the attention of the civics class in the hope that the class can help change the way Monument students think about this issue.

The documentary will focus on the events leading up to the accident and what happens once the accident occurs. Using two donated cars, the accident was to be staged as if two cars have T-boned each other. As this fictional accident takes places on prom night, there will be students in various levels of distress dressed in prom attire. Triano hopes that this will show students how quickly things can go wrong. Life Alert from Albany was going to be landing on the football field and local ambulance and police were going to arrive on scene. Further footage was scheduled to be filmed inside the ambulance on the way to Fairview, as well as in the hospital itself.

Because most juniors and seniors have their licenses at this point which means there is more potential for drinking and driving accidents. With the accident being rescheduled, there is sadly not enough time to present it to the entire school. Nevertheless, Troiano stated that she “hopes that the rescheduled accident can be used in their documentary.”


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Civics’ Students Mock Accident Rescheduled