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Boys Baseball Team is Off to a Successful Start

Hannah Rolf, Maroon Tribune Reporter

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As the baseball season nears the half-way point, the team holds onto a 9-1 record. Lead by senior captains Wilson Flower and Nick Greenleaf, the Spartans have successfully taken nine games under their belt. The team has just recently suffered their first loss to Taconic.

Taconic (6-4), also Monument’s biggest rival, cracked the team’s perfect record on Monday as they beat the Spartans 8-2. The Braves got on top early and the Spartans could not seem to earn back the runs needed. Flower states, “Taconic is a good team and they capitalized on the few mistakes we made.” Monument just leads the North Division with Taconic right on their heels trailing by one half a game.

The two teams will have a rematch as they meet at Monument on May 9th. They hope to get as many fans as possible.  The Spartans are one game shy of qualifying for the tournament. Previously sitting at the top seed for the Western Mass tournament for two years, the boys baseball team hopes to re-visit that familiar spot.

Flower has had several solid performances on the mound as he has been the winning pitcher for four games while losing zero. Greenleaf has also performed well (3-1) but spends most of his time behind the plate. He states, “we’re so live this year, our record just portrays our hard work and team camaraderie.”

With the crucial loss of senior shortstop John Kinne, his younger brother Bobby has picked up the slack at this spot. Kinne has recorded very few errors this season in this new position along with second basemen Peter Oggiani and TJ Shumsky.

Senior Alex Hill credits the team’s extreme success to their hard work and team chemistry as he states, “I think we’ve been so successful because we have a great group of seniors who have experience on the varsity level, and we have some of the best chemistry of any team I’ve played on.” He continues with “We go out on the field and we play well, but we have a good time while we’re doing it because we love it.”


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Boys Baseball Team is Off to a Successful Start