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Pin It-A Pinterest Review: An avid pinner’s take on the app

Brittany Walsh, Reporter

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If asked “Do you know what Pinterest is?” the majority of people would most likely say “No.”  Not nearly as many people use Pinterest as they do other social networking apps and websites.  In a survey of 3,058 participants done by the Harvard Institute of Politics last Spring, 33% of 18-33 year old adults reported having an account.  Additionally, Business Insider reported that over 20% of internet users ages 18-50 years old have a Pinterest account.

Despite usage growth over the past three years, Pinterest doesn’t account for nearly as many users as its contending sites.  While Pinterest has grown from occupying 15% of online adult usage in 2012 to 28% in 2014, Facebook usage has grown from 67%-71% in the same years.  Pinterest shouldn’t be mistaken as having or being of lesser quality than Facebook and other social media despite lower usage rates.  Both the Pinterest app and website are fun, functional, and user-friendly.

Pinterest is a free website and app that is a variation of a social bookmarking site.  It is formatted as an online pinboard where users can upload and “pin” images, called pins, or repost (“repin”) others’ pins.  They can also create pins with content found on other websites.  Each pin must contain an image, making it “aesthetically pleasing.”  Pins usually include a title and caption.  They may also include hashtags, prices, ratings, and/or ingredients list (accompanying images of food).  Pins often include direct links to websites which can be reached by simply clicking on the image itself.  The link directs you to the website containing further information about the content of the image.  For example, clicking on the image provided with a pin for pancakes brings you to the website with the recipe and directions to make them.

I personally love Pinterest.  I prefer to use the app on my iPhone, as it is convenient and readily accessible to me throughout the day.  Due to the convenience of having Pinterest right at my fingertips, I find myself using it on a daily basis, as do 23% of users.  Whether it’s scrolling through my home feed in between classes to see what friends have posted or searching for a new recipe to try over the weekend during a study hall, Pinterest allows my creativity to spark again and again each day.  I also really enjoy Pinterest because of the huge stress reliever I find it to be.  There is just something about scrolling, and I’ll admit: sometimes aimlessly, through pins.  Your mind is alleviated of thoughts and troubles, leaving you left to mosey through idea after idea.  Rather than worries or problems, creative juices and inspirations flow through your mind while using Pinterest.  After scrolling through Pinterest on a lazy Sunday morning, I am motivated to get moving and be productive.  Using the app makes me want to get creative, and do something whether it be to try a new recipe, craft project, or workout.

I must also acknowledge just how convenient Pinterest is and how organized it allows me to be.  This one single app eliminates the need to store and house dozens of magazines containing content which is accessible to me wherever I go.  The convenience of the app lets me keep all of my favorite home decorating tips, post-workout snack ideas, and favorite ideas for spring outfits in the pocket of my jeans.  Pinterest also makes sharing ideas a breeze!  It allows you to share ideas with friends and family who are right next door and those who are all the way across the globe.  Although 80% of users are female, with content appealing to all audiences, Pinterest is ideal for members of both genders of all ages.  Overall, I give Pinterest a rating of five pins out of five.

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Celebrating the Spirit and News of Monument Mountain
Pin It-A Pinterest Review: An avid pinner’s take on the app